Who We Are and Why We Are Here

We develop and execute STRATEGIES and SOLUTIONS that provide measurable needs-based outcomes.
C3L Associates takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to business development to realize the full potential of each opportunity we support. We create and manage strategic relationships and alliances with other companies to leverage our collective talents and expertise. We do this through identifying, researching, analyzing and bringing to market new business opportunities, relationships, and products.
 Strategic Focus Areas:
• Provide Holistic Solutions
• Improve Operational Performance
• Provide Natural Bundled Solutions
• Reduce Costs (designed for efficiency and sustainability)
• Turn-key Solutions
• Education, Certification, and Local & Regional Business Development
• Portion of profit applied toward 501(C)(3) for agricultural outreach and education programs and university grants and stipends for testing and quality control
We work to develop approaches that are mutually beneficial for everyone
We cooperate with nature by limiting the use of critical resources and we provide a non-disruptive addition to food supply.