Hydroponics: hydro (water) & ponos (labor) + growing
plants in a soil-less medium with nutrients.

Advantages of Soil-less Agriculture:

- Superior taste, quality, appearance, uniformity, and extended
shelf life of hydroponic vegetables.
- No sterilization of growing medium required, and plant nutrition is
easily and completely controlled within the nutrient tanks.
- No weeds, no cultivation, no soil borne diseases or insects.
Allows for uniform water availability to plants.
- Closer plant spacing is possible and moveable plant channels
allow greater production from equal areas for some crops.
- Less water is required and less fertilizer is needed. Root zone
heating, known to benefi t tomatoes and cucumbers, is feasible
and practical.
- Use of biological controls including beneficial insects and
safe methods of insect control are possible in a controlled
environment system.

Vine Crops in Dutch Buckets:
- One of the most versatile and simple systems to use. This sytem allows for greater flexibility in layout and in the variety of plants that can be grown in them: tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, squash, pole beans and egg plant to name a few.

- The buckets hold the perlite growing medium and can be positioned to provide the plant the optimum spacing for the crop being grown.

- Each bucket has a bottom reservoir providing nutrients to the plants between feedings. Excess nutrient solution is conducted away from the plants via the drain line that all buckets sit on.

How Hydroponics Produces a Premium Crop:

- The controlled environment.
- High grade nutrients and precise control of the
nutrient feed ratios.
- Vine ripening.
- The lack of herbicides and pesticides.


Benefits of Omega Garden Carousel:

Increase Growing Space:
Grow in the circle with a design that greatly increases your square foot
growing area. The Volksgarden unit, for example, can grow up to 80
plants in just 8 sq. ft. of floor space.

Maximize Light Capture:

The same cylindrical design captures almost all of the lumens emitted by the light source, ultimately saving money and minimizing time to harvest.

Optimize Water and Feeding:

The cylinder rotates slowly through the feeding trough allowing plant
medium to absorb only the water and nutrients needed. This results in
strong, healthy, and pure growth.

Produce High Yield Plants:

Effect on plants being constantly rotated, 360 degrees is known as
orbitropism. This effect combined with gravity’s influence on plants,
compresses the plant, producing more internodes, or flowering sites with
shorter and stronger growth. You get more harvest per plant.

Benefits over Conventional Hydroponics:
- The cylindrical planting drastically increases yield/ space (3-5 times)

- Feeding and watering management is simple and efficient.

- PH at the roots remains consistent due to watering design.

- Light in the center means limited waste - it all goes to the growing.

- Water use is decreased by 99% per yield.