Asheville Urban Farms offers a scalable “needs based” Community Centric Urban Farm Solution.

This FAB™ (Farm Anywhere Box) solution was retrofitted into an existing
building to fit the circumstances of our Restaurant Partner's
growing requirements.

The FAB™ offers a spectrum of solutions using a

  • Retrofit (as in Asheville Urban Farms- Amboy)
  • Design-New
  • Tilt-up- for Disaster Relief using containers or tentage

Asheville Urban Farms – Amboy is a demonstration farm based on leading edge technologies, the highest level of quality organic locally produced outputs, utilizing best of class food technology and production.

C3l’s solution offers increased system stability, reliability
and ecological sustainability of farming systems.

The FAB™ provides sustainability and resiliency to a community, while providing economic, social, environmental and human resource development.